Per chi non capisce dovrebbe esserci il bottone per tradurre :)

Hello everyone, I’m finally back on the blog. I was really confused about the language I should use to write… and then I went for English. I mean.. I’m in Canada, right? I came here because I wanted to use English more often but since I’m here I’ve only used Italian! and I Hate it!!!!!  

Anyway I just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going here! 
Everything’s going well, except the part where we find a job! No luck yet, but we need to be patient! We only started looking a week ago (in my case, 2 days ago lol)

Sunday was a fun day, we visited some new (to us) parts of the City! The weather sucked a bit but we didn’t get too much rain! We had Japanese for lunch and then we went to the Chinese Garden, cute but nothing special! Alberto took some niiiice photos and these are my favourite! (the last one was obviously taken by me)

After the Chinese Garden we went to Gastown, my favourite part of the City!! I believe it’s the oldest and it kinda reminds me of an old NYC, Brooklyn maybe, with all the red brick houses, fire escape stairs, cute pubs and shops! That’s where I wanted to live, but prices are way too high for me right now :((

These are the two main things in Gastwon, a statue of Gassy Jack, a sailor who moved to Van in 1867 and opened the first Saloon there, and a steam clock!! 
We found a nice restaurant, “the old Spaghetti”, and we’re definitely gonna have dinner there soon!!

Capitan Bertoldo was in action too, but this is a story for another post 😛

Truly Yours,

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  1. Ylenia Basilico

    Hi!!!! :))) aw thanks!! I've missed posting too!! I need to do more posts in English it's just that now that I'm in Vancouver my fam and friends will read the blog and some of them don't understand English! But I put the translation thing 🙂

    "Mi piace"


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