At the beginning of 2016 I still wasn’t planning the whole idea of One trip a month, but I still went on some pretty awesome trips! One of those was a road trip to Montreal, where my husband and I had an appointment with at the US Consulate to obtain Mattia’s green card! The drive wasn’t so bad, I left Cape Cod early morning, around 5am and made it to the city in about 6 hours, stopping a couple of times along the way!  Crossing the border wasn’t too bad either, not many cars and the officers were OK!

Once in Montreal I had to go pick up my husband at the airport, which was easily accessible and only twenty minutes from Downtown!

We stayed at Hotel Bon Accueil, a very modest, inexpensive hotel near the Berri-UQAM metro station. The location was great, walking distance to all the main areas of Montreal! The hotel was ok for what we needed it for, a clean space, good for sleeping and for breakfast. We always try not to spend too much money in accommodations, so that we can have a bigger budget to enjoy ourselves during the trips.


Montreal is a very vibrant city and we loved discovering both the new, downtown area as well as the old part! One of the greatest way to explore it, in the warmer months, is by using the very efficient bike sharing system. There stations pretty much everywhere, which makes it super easy to get around.

The food scene in the city is amazing, you can find every type of cuisine! There are even tours you can take and tons of guides available on the internet. Local Montreal Food Tours offers four different tours and there is at least one going on every day!  We literally fell in love with Cacao 70, and if you love chocolate you will love it too! It’s a great place for every meal, but make sure you go there with an empty stomach, because you will want to order every single item on the menu!!


What we love the most about the city was the old port, lots of very characteristic streets, cute stores and boutiques, and amazing, old buildings.


There are tons of activities and events going on every day, so make sure you check out Go Montreal to help you plan an amazing visit to the city!


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