I have to begin with something.

It’s been a while since I decide to open a new blog. I thought about it for months and now here I am. I had a blog, once, but it got deleted. I cried so much when I found out since the blog was about my senior year in the United States. It had everything on it. It was more of a journal than a blog. But it’s gone, so I guess now I only have the memories inside my heart.
This blog is going to be about ME. Not because I’m full of myself but because I want to share my thoughts with whoever wants to read them. And maybe can also give me some advice. I guess this blog is about to become a journal too. Of my life. 


  1. Optimistic Existentialist

    Yes ma'am I am from KY 🙂 where are you from if I may ask? And thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I have no doubt that your blog will me amazing, you're a very talented writer! By the way there are Facebook and Twitter links on my page if you'd like to be twitter or FB friends! I hope you're having a good Monday my new friend.


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