Updates :)

It’s been a while since I actually posted something about me…and I thought this could be the time. 
We’ve been here for 42 days. WOW. Wow because it feels like we got here yesterday!! Life here is pretty easy, we don’t do much because everything is crazy expensive and with no income we need to be careful on how we spend the money. But hopefully this is about to change…because we got Jobs!!! YAY!! This is the main exciting news 🙂 Alberto got a job as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant! It’s downtown so it must be a crazy expensive Japanese restaurant, it’s on top of Tiffany’s!!
                       ~Albi, you know…once you finish your shift if you wanna stop downstairs and buy me a gift… you’re more than welcome to do it LOL ~. 
I think he likes it, mostly because he’s working with a cute Japanese girl haha!

As for myself, I got a job as a sale person inside a gift shop which is in a pretty cool hotel! It’s called the Renaissance, on Hastings St. and right near the ocean! The owner is a guy from Pakistan, he’s nice and treats me well! Hopefully today he’s gonna start treating me even better by starting to pay me HAHA! Shifts are from 7 am until 3pm or 3pm until 11pm. Obviously I like the second shift better since with the first one I have to wake up at 5am 😦 it’s gonna be tough when I’ll have to do the closing and the opening on the following day! But the best part is that this guy has a friend who also has a gift shop inside a hotel..and he needs a girl!! So I am actually working in both places 🙂 I started on Sunday at this other one and the guy, always from Pakistan, started to pay me straight away. It’s great because at the beginning I was worried I wasn’t going to do many hours but in this way I am actually doing more than 40 hours per week. 
The two guys pretty much expected me to work 16 hours a day, 8 in the first shop and 8 in the second. I did it for two days and I was dead!! That’s why I thought…Mattia is looking for a job so why not telling my second boss if Mattia can work my shifts when I’m busy at the other store???? Done! Yesterday evening we both went to the store so I could train him, and right now he’s there working while I’m at the other shop!! It’s funny because sometimes he texts me to ask me how to do something or what the price of that particular thing is lol. 

These are pretty much all the exciting news I have LOL. Nothing great.

I guess it’s gonna be it for this post… but I’ll be back very soon!!!


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