“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

It took me a while to start this journey. I always found excuses, work is too much, I don’t have time, what if I am not good enough. I kept saying one day I’ll do it. And months went by, without anything happening. I don’t know what changed,  but this morning I finally woke up and realized that it doesn’t matter that my English is not perfect and I don’t take incredibly amazing photos. I want to do this. So here it is.

One Trip a Month started last fall, when I was lucky enough to win a free trip through the Holiday Inn Resorts. I was at a mall and a kiosk was playing a spin the wheel game. The guy at the stand asked me where I wanted to go between those cities listed on the wheel and after choosing New Orleans and spinning I became the happy winner of round-trip gift certificate for two! I’ve always loved traveling but never had much money for it, so a free trip was pretty much the most incredible thing it could have happened!

Reading about all those people who quit their 9-5 job to travel the world made me realize that I might not be able to live that way but I could totally start planning.. a trip a month! And as I was exploring the streets of New Orleans back in November I was already thinking of the next destination!

I can’t wait to share the adventures I had so far and all the ones that are coming up in the next few months!

Stay tuned!