Portland, Maine

March was the month of Portland. I had been waiting for quite some time to visit Maine and after hearing so many nice things I was pretty looking forward to this trip.

One of the main reason I was very excited is because right in the old port area there is a gelato place called Gorgeous Gelato, opened by an Italian couple who moved to the States from Milan, the same area where I am from. I know it sounds silly, but when you’ve lived all your life eating gelato and then you spend the last four years eating ice-cream, trust me, you would be pretty excited too, waiting for the moment you’d taste authentic Italian gelato again! 🙂 So that was our first stop!


We then spent the first day walking all around town, checking out all the cute little stores. We tried to imagine how vibrant the place must be during summer, without snow but hopefully with a nice summer breeze. We really enjoyed lunch in one of the most iconic places of the city, Gilbert’s Chowder House. If you want fish, that’s the place to be! Make sure to check out the daily specials written on the blackboard near the entrance door! And of course, try their famous Chowder! 🙂

Gilbert's Chowder House

You also need to stop at the Standard Baking Co  You won’t be able to resist their pastries. You can literally smell them from the parking lot. Don’t worry, you’ll hit the gym after your trip!


And if you are into food and beer, THIS is the ultimate guide for you. Make sure you check it out before your trip!

Another pretty big reason why I was so looking forward this trip though.. but lighthouses of course! You might have guessed already, I have quite the obsession with lighthouses (hey, last month we even slept in one!) and near Portland you can find a couple of the most amazing lighthouses I’ve ever seen!

Cape Elizabeth is situated only half hour south of Portland and is home of the Portland Head Light. We drove there towards the end of the day and we were not disappointed with the wonderful colors we saw. IMG_7116

The following day we decided to start driving down following the coast. We discovered several cute towns and another amazing lighthouse! It’s called Nubble Lighthouse, or Cape Neddick Light, and it’s in the town of York, Maine. It is on island, so we were not able to get close, but we took our time enjoying the view and listening to the sounds of waves breaking on the rocks.

Nubble Lighthouse

Next time we visit Portland it will definitely be with a warmer weather, but for a first visit, snow made it pretty romantic!


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  1. Citrus & Sun

    Your scenic pictures are breathtaking!!! I have never been to the East Coast but it is on my to do list for sure =) It looks so beautiful and peaceful there! Any any restaurant with the word “cheddar” in it is on my list of must-see places to eat!! =)

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